Bathroom Planner


  Libra Bathroom Planner



Planning your bathroom

To help you in your quest to create your perfect bathroom we have included a handy "Libra planner".

All you need with this planner are the exact dimensions of your bathroom, some practical imagination and a little experimentation. Follow these simple instructions to design your bathroom so you can make the most effective use of the space available and ensure you allow enough space for your normal bathroom activities.


How to use your bathroom planner




Choosing your merchant and installer



Choose a reputable display stockist who is an authorised distributor of Libra and Vaal Sanitaryware. You are welcome to contact a Libra Office if you are not sure or need information on the nearest dealer or one that has specific items on display.


When installing a spa ensure that your installer has been through the Libra training course to validate our guarantee. All spas are leak tested in the factory and stringently 100% checked. Installers inexperienced in handling Spa installations are to be avoided.


Request contactable references before appointing any plumber and it is best advisable to visually check previous installations.